1. I couldn’t agree more, but in particular about your last point about what I would call ‘keeping it real’. We should also mention how unfortunate it is that you can’t even really communicate with the oh-so-important accounts or companies that we enjoy following. Something seems to get lost the bigger they get…

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  2. Love your post! I laughed at the part about overexposed Insta shots. Admittedly, they are eyecatching and they sure do perform well. Sometimes I find myself comparing my images to those and wondering if I need to change my aesthetic. I have to remind myself that any creative endeavor that I take on should be authentic and about what makes me feel happy and inspired. If that’s bold color, so be it. 🙂

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    1. I totally agree! I think it’s much more interesting for people to have unique aesthetics; it’s what makes me want to follow people who might post photos of similar places, everyone has their own way of seeing the world 🙂


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