In the event of socks ever becoming obsolete in humans’ lives, I’d like to take this opportunity to outline and question what they do, and how they come to do what they do.


Socks are great things. They are woven, soft and meant solely to keep people comfortable, whether in terms of warmth or in terms of hygiene, by protecting people’s feet from the disgusting environment that is a shoe, or vice versa.

Generally, for adults, socks are marketed as one-size-fits-all; they are one of the very few low-stress, low-self-esteem-affecting garments which people wear on a daily basis. Some socks are made of thick, plush material, and others continue to be worn even when threadbare. Sometimes, people wear multiple pairs of socks at once. Socks can allow people to slide across their floors, either causing satisfied-joy or panic/surprise at losing one’s footing while walking.

Socks are usually hidden from view, but sometimes are not; they can be a form of expression, or plain and boring. Who gets to create the designs on socks? How many people have become involved in a single sock design? How much brainstorming is involved? Has the design of a mass-produced sock ever been highly-conceptual? Imagine: ‘the sock that inspired a revolution.’


Socks come in pairs but are often mismatched, and sometimes purposely. The concept of keeping a pair of matching socks together – and not losing one – has evaded people since the inception of the sock. Has this ever given someone nightmares, this idea of losing a sock and never being able to reunite it with its twin? Has anyone ever had a dream about a sock(s)? What would dreaming about socks mean for a person’s psychological state and/or stability?


Socks are humbling, comforting things and deserve more appreciation.

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